The Power of NOW

Living in a present moment seems so obvious, but it’s such a difficult thing to do at times. We often either drown in the past or dream about future. Ability to “imagine and analyze” is one of the most important features that stands us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Imagination can be a very powerful tool. It can make you strong and powerful or break you into pieces.

Happiness comes from a deep appreciation for all we already have, for the life we live, for the feelings we are fortunate to feel (even if they are negative at times). Quite often, we just get stuck in our imagination and seem to always be looking for some better place in a future to be; and when that moment comes we forget to stop and recognize the present.

I think the life is really about making the best of the present moment. Understanding, that whatever is happening to us, good or bad, happens for a reason and worth appreciating regardless of the circumstances. It doesn’t mean you have to smile all the time or don’t have a right to be sad. We just have to remember our feelings and emotions dictate our actions, and therefore, predict our future.We don’t attract what we want – we attract what we are. Regardless of how you feel at the moment, there is no better choice than being in the NOW. Your life is happening now – it’s called present for a reason.

So look around you, look inside you and acknowledge that everything you have now is a gift.


Best wishes,

GymKat 🙂




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